Friday, May 26, 2017

The Sights and Sounds of Traverse City

There are a thousand ways to spend time while in Michigan. To make the most out of your precious time in Traverse City, here are the famous tourist spots in the area.

  1.    Grand Traverse Bay

Grand Traverse Bay (West Bay And East Bay) stretches 32 miles long, 10 miles wide and 620 feet deep. Be sure to check out these other little inlets as well-

  • Northport Bay
  • Suttons Bay
  • Omena Bay
  • Bowers Harbor
  • Old Mission Bay

Aside from cruising along the bay’s beautiful beaches, Grand Traverse Bay is also known as a boating and fishing destinations.

  1.    Sleeping Bear Dunes

Sleeping Bear Dunes boasts 64-miles of beaches, islands, coves and dunes. A number of dunes peaked as high as 400 feet tall. You can enjoy the view from overlooking spots in the famous Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. But if you want to get a closer look, it is always best to walk on its beaches or hike on its several trails.

  1.    The Grand Traverse Commons

A formal mental facility, the Grand Traverse Commons a distinct architectural landmark in TC. The castle-like buildings are now a great place to shop. You can walk in its antique sidewalks now filled with galleries, offices, and restaurants. What most people do not know is the sub layers beneath the shops. Also the amazing hiking in the hills that lie just above the commons. This is the perfect place to run, bike or just walk leisurely while enjoying the 480-acre forested campus.

  1.    Chateau Grand Traverse  

To thrill your taste buds, Traverse City boasts amazing wineries scattered around the area. But the Chateau Grand Traverse stands out from the rest. Located on Old Mission Peninsula, the winery is famous for their first large-scale planting of Vitis vinifera in Michigan. Edward O’Keefe Jr. founded the Chateau Grand Traverse.

You can have a taste of their 1987 vintage Johannisberg Riesling ice wine that was served in George H.W. Bush inauguration.

  1.    Slabtown

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Slabtown is known for the preserved exterior homes from the Bohemian immigrants that came during the 19th century.  They came to Traverse City to work in the waterfront sawmills. The Bohemians people built their houses with scraps from the slabs of lumber millers, thus the name “Slabtown.” Let’s not forget the great burger place known as “Slabtown”. This place has amazing burgers!

  1.    Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum

If you want more than the average tourist experience, you might want to visit the Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum.  It is the oldest lighthouse built on the Great Lakes. The Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum was built over 150 years ago and still in service until today. You can also visit other lighthouses within the area, these include:

  • Mission Point Light
  • Little Traverse Light
  • South Fox Island Light
  1.    Beaches, and lots of it!

The best part of Traverse City is the beaches. You cannot simply leave the city without a trip to Clinch Park, West End, Traverse City State Park, Bryant Park, Power Island and North Bar Lake. You can also check my other article for the best beach in Traverse City.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

6 Amazing Places to Visit Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw, home of my old nemesis Saginaw Valley, GO GVSU!!! ARE YOU A LAKER??? Sorry Saginaw residents I just had to drop this…

  • Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square

Kids love animals, and while in Saginaw why not visit the best little zoo in town? The Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square sits on 10-acres of land designed with different amazing gardens and animal exhibits. They even own the only hand-carved carousel in Michigan. Your kids will surely appreciate nature in their educational tour, an Underwater Viewing Cave and a playground. The best part in this destination is that it won’t dent your budget.

  • Japanese Cultural Center

Have a taste of a different culture within an arm’s reach. The Japanese Cultural Center is a great place to learn new things from origami, bonsai plant to the fine art of calligraphy. For a great experience, try to go for one of their tea ceremonies. I’ll guarantee you its more than tea, it’s a real masterpiece handcrafted by artisans. Their grounds are sure worthy of social media selfies, you may even try to buffer up those photography skills while enjoying the very relaxing ambience.

  • The Hoyt Library

I am a book lover myself, so a trip in a local library is a must for me. The Hoyt Library has the most extensive genealogy in the region.  The librarians are always helpful if you need to look for a specific book or topic. It’s perfect for some quiet time, crouch beside their common area near the restored fireplace. The interior of the library is made with polished marble and beautiful wood works. It all adds up to the vibe of an old country house which can literally takes you back in time. Of course you can get into the hauntings like the video above shows.

  • Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

If you are into hiking, worry not, Saginaw has its own Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge. Wait… Saginaw has a wild life area? Yep, its true! This is far different from other hiking trails as this park lets nature take its own course. It a true wildlife area. As you walk through its trail you will be engulfed by Mother Nature herself. As you walk all you can hear and see is nature, pure nature; crickets, birds, peaceful sights and ground creatures unexpectedly show up. Sometimes you may run into bear tracks or bunny trails, it’s a true refuge for the wildlife.

  • Castle Museum

The Castle Museum has a style of a French Chateau and was initially built as a post office in 1897. Families and couples will definitely enjoy trip to the Castle Museum as they explore the old Saginaw. Sports fans will enjoy looking at old memorabilia in the museum sports hall of fame. Everyone else will find the lumbering and automotive historical display educational.

  •  Pride and Country Village

Sorry No Videos on YouTube… Please go create one!!!

The best time to go in this place is during the Christmas holidays. They offer great bargains for Christmas d├ęcor. And if you get hungry because of all that shopping then head on to the main barn to grab some of their delish food.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

6 Great Reasons why you should visit Grand Rapids, Michigan

There are several different ways to spend your time in Grand Rapids. Sure you can explore the city and do some shopping, or you could relax in some bar and be merry. But here is a list you should not miss while you are in town.

  1.    Heritage Hill Historic District

    Grand Rapids is the home to some of the most historic homes in the US. Some even dating back as far as the 1840s! You can find some of the oldest,  homes at Heritage Hill Historic. It is also boasts the one of the largest “collection” of historic homes with 1,300 homes. You can explore the well-kept neighborhood either walking or driving. Spend the morning in the sun enjoying the grandeur of 100-year-old homes.

    1.     Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve

      If you are looking to release all those negative vibes, the best way to do it is to be with nature. You can de-stress by walking along the wooded trails of Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve. Let nature resupply your depleted energy reserves. The preserve provides as superb nature experience, you can walk along the woods, talk a deep breather in the streams or just leisurely walk in its trail. If you are into photography, you can find a thousand amazing photo opps. Just be sure to save the posting until you are done, so as to truly be in the moment.

      1.    Long Road Distillers

        Everyone who’s been to the Long Road Distillers raves about their fabulous drinks. The bar offers great drinks, cocktails and food. The staff is super accommodating. It makes you actually believe, that they love their jobs. Bartenders prepare drinks that always taste better than the ones I make at home. They are even helpful on what to order (they can even give you a taste of their very own MichiGIN).

        1.    Fulton Street Farmers Market

          Is there a better way to buy your groceries than getting it directly from farmers? The idea behind the Fulton Street Farmers Market it just that, from farm straight to your table and tummy. Sometimes the farmers will share a few tips on how to make your own garden produce better. They even tell you their best-kept secrets of making a great salad, or what you should put to have that distinct taste on your pasta. Don’t miss out on their honey crisp apples and baked good, they are just beyond tasty.

          1.    Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery

            You can probably find the freshest and tastiest pies and apple cider in Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery. The friendly staff will keep you entertained while you take a sip on their Apple Cider tasting. The smells of the store are just amazing; they also offer tasty treats and delicious baked goods. The fresh apple juice and apple cider are worth a trip to the winery and oh don’t forget to get a box or two of their uniquely “delish” donuts.

            1.    Fish Ladder

              Back in the day, the fish ladder was a staple in the romantic destinations.Today, it offers activities for families too. It’s fun watching the river flow as fish jump up the ladder. When they say fish, they mean it; you can watch huge fishes come up the ladder or in the stream. With a recent remodel, the park is a great family destination to walk around and great spots for picnics too.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Great Eats in Detroit [Where To Eat at In the “D” Local Friday Features]

Whether it is your first time visiting Detroit or been here for the “nth time”, you probably don’t want to miss out these great places to grab some food.

El Barzon Restaurante

Detroit may not house that many Mexican Italian restaurants but when it does, you can be sure it’s a good one! El Barzon is different in so many ways. They serve high-class Mexican food and amazing homemade pasta on one plate. The Mexican owner worked for several years in an Italian restaurant before opening El Barzon which explains why this place serves authentic food in both fares. The amazing ambiance added to the owner’s touch of classic Mexican flair, and they also have an outdoor seating.

Duly’s Place

Almost all of the locals agree that Duly’s Place is a place to be to have a taste of an authentic Coney dog. They have been selling inexpensive yet delicious breakfast classics of bacon, eggs, and pancakes for more than 90 years. Staff and diner goers are always friendly and best of all they serve amazing food 24 hours a day! If you want to experience Detroit, then visit this place. Don’t believe me? Just ask Anthony Bourdain. He very much approved this humble restaurant and that’s something coming from a world class top chef.

Green Dot Stables

Another favorite of locals is the Green Dot Stables which serves numerous choices for sliders and fries. This is a great place if you just want to hang around a local bar, watch some sports game and make friends while you’re at it. While their beer is famously good (at a cheap price) wait till you taste their food. Most of the foods are served in a bun, but you’ll be amazed how the chef can make it taste unique and fresh.

Le Petit Zinc

For coffee and crepes, you could not go wrong in Le Petit Zinc. They make sure to serve the freshest crepes and flavorful espresso. Don’t let the tiny space fool you,  because their top-notch crepes and pastries delivers in spades.  During summertime, it’s a great place to meet an old friend and just enjoy the garden patio while catching up. You don’t need to go to France to experience Parisienne brasserie, this place has it!

Slows Bar BBQ Restaurant

Everyone in Detroit (ok maybe exaggerating here) has been to Slows Bar BBQ Restaurant or just Slows. I highly recommend the pulled pork and pork belly which are both superb. Actually, everything on the menu is excellent. People are lining up to get a taste of their foods which are all grilled to perfection. Take my word for it, the wait is worth it.

Mudgie’s Deli

Still craving for more meat? Detroiters will tell you every now and then (just in case you forgot) to go to Mudgie’s Deli. They serve the best sandwiches teeming with splendid concoctions from their menu.  They also have an array of food menu from vegans to meat lovers. It is a hidden gem in the city. This place is relatively cheap, the food is killer and the staff is superb.


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