Friday, May 19, 2017

6 Amazing Places to Visit Saginaw, Michigan

Saginaw, home of my old nemesis Saginaw Valley, GO GVSU!!! ARE YOU A LAKER??? Sorry Saginaw residents I just had to drop this…

  • Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square

Kids love animals, and while in Saginaw why not visit the best little zoo in town? The Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square sits on 10-acres of land designed with different amazing gardens and animal exhibits. They even own the only hand-carved carousel in Michigan. Your kids will surely appreciate nature in their educational tour, an Underwater Viewing Cave and a playground. The best part in this destination is that it won’t dent your budget.

  • Japanese Cultural Center

Have a taste of a different culture within an arm’s reach. The Japanese Cultural Center is a great place to learn new things from origami, bonsai plant to the fine art of calligraphy. For a great experience, try to go for one of their tea ceremonies. I’ll guarantee you its more than tea, it’s a real masterpiece handcrafted by artisans. Their grounds are sure worthy of social media selfies, you may even try to buffer up those photography skills while enjoying the very relaxing ambience.

  • The Hoyt Library

I am a book lover myself, so a trip in a local library is a must for me. The Hoyt Library has the most extensive genealogy in the region.  The librarians are always helpful if you need to look for a specific book or topic. It’s perfect for some quiet time, crouch beside their common area near the restored fireplace. The interior of the library is made with polished marble and beautiful wood works. It all adds up to the vibe of an old country house which can literally takes you back in time. Of course you can get into the hauntings like the video above shows.

  • Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

If you are into hiking, worry not, Saginaw has its own Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge. Wait… Saginaw has a wild life area? Yep, its true! This is far different from other hiking trails as this park lets nature take its own course. It a true wildlife area. As you walk through its trail you will be engulfed by Mother Nature herself. As you walk all you can hear and see is nature, pure nature; crickets, birds, peaceful sights and ground creatures unexpectedly show up. Sometimes you may run into bear tracks or bunny trails, it’s a true refuge for the wildlife.

  • Castle Museum

The Castle Museum has a style of a French Chateau and was initially built as a post office in 1897. Families and couples will definitely enjoy trip to the Castle Museum as they explore the old Saginaw. Sports fans will enjoy looking at old memorabilia in the museum sports hall of fame. Everyone else will find the lumbering and automotive historical display educational.

  •  Pride and Country Village

Sorry No Videos on YouTube… Please go create one!!!

The best time to go in this place is during the Christmas holidays. They offer great bargains for Christmas d├ęcor. And if you get hungry because of all that shopping then head on to the main barn to grab some of their delish food.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

6 Great Reasons why you should visit Grand Rapids, Michigan

There are several different ways to spend your time in Grand Rapids. Sure you can explore the city and do some shopping, or you could relax in some bar and be merry. But here is a list you should not miss while you are in town.

  1.    Heritage Hill Historic District

    Grand Rapids is the home to some of the most historic homes in the US. Some even dating back as far as the 1840s! You can find some of the oldest,  homes at Heritage Hill Historic. It is also boasts the one of the largest “collection” of historic homes with 1,300 homes. You can explore the well-kept neighborhood either walking or driving. Spend the morning in the sun enjoying the grandeur of 100-year-old homes.

    1.     Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve

      If you are looking to release all those negative vibes, the best way to do it is to be with nature. You can de-stress by walking along the wooded trails of Calvin College Ecosystem Preserve. Let nature resupply your depleted energy reserves. The preserve provides as superb nature experience, you can walk along the woods, talk a deep breather in the streams or just leisurely walk in its trail. If you are into photography, you can find a thousand amazing photo opps. Just be sure to save the posting until you are done, so as to truly be in the moment.

      1.    Long Road Distillers

        Everyone who’s been to the Long Road Distillers raves about their fabulous drinks. The bar offers great drinks, cocktails and food. The staff is super accommodating. It makes you actually believe, that they love their jobs. Bartenders prepare drinks that always taste better than the ones I make at home. They are even helpful on what to order (they can even give you a taste of their very own MichiGIN).

        1.    Fulton Street Farmers Market

          Is there a better way to buy your groceries than getting it directly from farmers? The idea behind the Fulton Street Farmers Market it just that, from farm straight to your table and tummy. Sometimes the farmers will share a few tips on how to make your own garden produce better. They even tell you their best-kept secrets of making a great salad, or what you should put to have that distinct taste on your pasta. Don’t miss out on their honey crisp apples and baked good, they are just beyond tasty.

          1.    Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery

            You can probably find the freshest and tastiest pies and apple cider in Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery. The friendly staff will keep you entertained while you take a sip on their Apple Cider tasting. The smells of the store are just amazing; they also offer tasty treats and delicious baked goods. The fresh apple juice and apple cider are worth a trip to the winery and oh don’t forget to get a box or two of their uniquely “delish” donuts.

            1.    Fish Ladder

              Back in the day, the fish ladder was a staple in the romantic destinations.Today, it offers activities for families too. It’s fun watching the river flow as fish jump up the ladder. When they say fish, they mean it; you can watch huge fishes come up the ladder or in the stream. With a recent remodel, the park is a great family destination to walk around and great spots for picnics too.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Great Eats in Detroit [Where To Eat at In the “D” Local Friday Features]

Whether it is your first time visiting Detroit or been here for the “nth time”, you probably don’t want to miss out these great places to grab some food.

El Barzon Restaurante

Detroit may not house that many Mexican Italian restaurants but when it does, you can be sure it’s a good one! El Barzon is different in so many ways. They serve high-class Mexican food and amazing homemade pasta on one plate. The Mexican owner worked for several years in an Italian restaurant before opening El Barzon which explains why this place serves authentic food in both fares. The amazing ambiance added to the owner’s touch of classic Mexican flair, and they also have an outdoor seating.

Duly’s Place

Almost all of the locals agree that Duly’s Place is a place to be to have a taste of an authentic Coney dog. They have been selling inexpensive yet delicious breakfast classics of bacon, eggs, and pancakes for more than 90 years. Staff and diner goers are always friendly and best of all they serve amazing food 24 hours a day! If you want to experience Detroit, then visit this place. Don’t believe me? Just ask Anthony Bourdain. He very much approved this humble restaurant and that’s something coming from a world class top chef.

Green Dot Stables

Another favorite of locals is the Green Dot Stables which serves numerous choices for sliders and fries. This is a great place if you just want to hang around a local bar, watch some sports game and make friends while you’re at it. While their beer is famously good (at a cheap price) wait till you taste their food. Most of the foods are served in a bun, but you’ll be amazed how the chef can make it taste unique and fresh.

Le Petit Zinc

For coffee and crepes, you could not go wrong in Le Petit Zinc. They make sure to serve the freshest crepes and flavorful espresso. Don’t let the tiny space fool you,  because their top-notch crepes and pastries delivers in spades.  During summertime, it’s a great place to meet an old friend and just enjoy the garden patio while catching up. You don’t need to go to France to experience Parisienne brasserie, this place has it!

Slows Bar BBQ Restaurant

Everyone in Detroit (ok maybe exaggerating here) has been to Slows Bar BBQ Restaurant or just Slows. I highly recommend the pulled pork and pork belly which are both superb. Actually, everything on the menu is excellent. People are lining up to get a taste of their foods which are all grilled to perfection. Take my word for it, the wait is worth it.

Mudgie’s Deli

Still craving for more meat? Detroiters will tell you every now and then (just in case you forgot) to go to Mudgie’s Deli. They serve the best sandwiches teeming with splendid concoctions from their menu.  They also have an array of food menu from vegans to meat lovers. It is a hidden gem in the city. This place is relatively cheap, the food is killer and the staff is superb.


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Friday, April 28, 2017

Everything You Wanted To Know About Lake Michigan When You Were Doing Research For School Papers

Lake Michigan belongs to the five Great Lakes. The third largest lake of the five Great Lakes, Lake Michigan is the only lake whose borders are contained within the United States. That pretty much makes Lake Michigan “America’s Great Lake”. The other four Great Lakes crossed boundaries between the US and Canada. The Great Lakes are often referred to as the “Third Coast” after the Pacific and the Atlantic. Livnfresh calls it the “Fresh Coast“. A great number of AMAZINGLY beautiful beaches run along Lake Michigan.

Who discovered Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan started its formation when two tectonic plates moved apart forming the Mid-Continent Rift. Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer sent his subordinate Jean Nicolett to search for the “Northwest Passage”. But Nicolette discovered Lake Michigan in 1634. He explored the southern part of the lake, Chicago’s present-day location.

Where is Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan flows across Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The straits of Mackinac connect Lake Michigan and Lake Huron in the northern part.

How deep is Lake Michigan?

The average depth of Lake Michigan stands at approximately 279 feet. The lake has a depth of 922 feet at its deepest point.

How big is Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is the third largest Great Lake in North America and fifth-largest in the world. Its water surface covers 22,300 square miles.

How wide is Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is 118 miles wide, 307 miles long and covers 22,300 square miles.

How many gallons of water in Lake Michigan?

Lake Michigan is the second largest Great Lake when it comes to the volume of water. It has about 1,108 cubic miles of water or 6 quadrillion gallons of water. The lake also provides drinking water of over one billions gallons a day. Lake Michigan’s water can fill 24 trillion bathtubs or about 3,000 bathtubs every day worldwide.

What kind of fish are in Lake Michigan?

Fish thrive in the waters of Lake Michigan which has an estimated 15 million fish.  The lake serves as home to brown trout, Chinook salmon, coho salmon, lake trout, rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, multiple sunfish species, steelhead species, and yellow trout. Love to Fish? Check out this “Michigan Fishing T Shirt“!

Best time to catch fish in Lake Michigan

Each species of fish has certain seasons when you have the best chances to catch the best and the biggest fish in Lake Michigan. The best period to catch coho salmon falls in mid-February to May and from September to October. The coho salmon that dwells in the lake are about 2 to 3 pounds.

For Chinook salmon, the best time to catch this fish in in the months of May and mid-July until September. They are about 7 to 12 pounds in size.

The best time to reel in the steelhead fish from a pier or boat hits the highest in mid-June until August. When fishing from a stream, it peaks around July through February. The fish average size weighs in at 7 to 10 pounds.

Lastly, the lake trout population’s highest number of catch falls in mid-June until August and from the middle of October until the start of November. Lake trout weighs in around 8 to 12 pounds and best fished by boat.


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Friday, April 21, 2017

Mercury Rising- Scientists Baffled Over Increasing Mercury Levels In Great Lakes Fish

Authorities recently gave out advisories regarding the high level of toxic mercury in Great Lakes fish. With the advisories came a recommendation to limit certain fish species consumption.Livnfresh is an advocate for keeping Lake Michigan and the Great lakes beautiful and clean for humans as well as the creatures that dwell beneath.

Side effects of Mercury

Mercury, a heavy, silver metal forms as a liquid at room temperature and is deadly to animals, especially to humans. The Environmental Protection Agency or EPA discovered that short-term exposure to mercury found in water can result in  health hazards. Kidney damage can happen when exposed to mercury at levels beyond the contaminant level of 0.002 ppm. The toxic substance can also result to brain damage in children and hinder brain development in developing babies. Mercury can also attack the immune system and damage heart function in adults.

Since 1970 the mercury content found in Greta Lakes based fish continued to drop progressively. The reduction of mercury was the result of stricter Midwestern smokestacks regulations and the closure of coal-fired manufacturing plants. Also, technology provides massive benefit for pollution prevention.

 Research scientist at the Environment and Climate Change Canada, Agnes Richards said, “We’ve been monitoring since the 1970s and the (mercury contamination) trends overall have been declining, as have been the emissions of mercury into the atmosphere and deposition into the lakes.”

Richards also added, “We decided to look at recent trends, from 2000 to 2015. What we found is, at some specific sites, trends have reversed.”

 Reversal of the trend

In the past years, the trend started to change. Scientist found mercury level increasing in several Great Lakes fish like walleye and lake trout. Another peculiar case in the toxic mercury reports shows that not all fishes are affected. Researchers are still conducting more studies to find out the reason for the incidence.

Joseph Bohr, the aquatic biologist for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality’s Water Resources Division claimed that mercury level in some fish continues to rise. He said (in the same article), “Out of 19 data sets, we see eight where we can see a significant trend.”

 In Lake Michigan, Bohr mentioned that walleye and lake trout in the Grand Traverse bays show an increase of mercury content. Scientists can also see the same trend in Lake Huron in the walleye from Saginaw Bay and the lake trout found in Thunder Bay. Lake Erie also shows mercury level rising. The aquatic biologist said that the average increase of mercury level reaches up to 2% annually.

For the meantime, the increasing level of mercury toxicity remains in isolated areas.

Scientist Hypothesis-are storms to blame?

Ecotoxicologist of Environmental Canada, Shane De Solla believed that the warming of the Great Lakes shows a key factor in the trend. De Solla, the co-author of the research said, “The lakes are slightly warmer, and that increases the production of methyl mercury.”

Richards also mentioned that the region’s regular strong storms in the past years can also affect the Great Lakes. She said, “That results in a lot of flooding, and the re-suspension of sediments, what was buried before can become exposed, and that can increase the conversion of mercury to methylmercury.”

 Meanwhile, Bohr mentioned about the invasive species which “significantly changed the food web.” These invasive species significantly altered the fish diets.

He said that in Saginaw, Thunder bays, and Grand Traverse carp are not showing any increase in mercury levels. Bohr added that in the Detroit River and St. Clair River carp are even seen decreases in mercury. He believed that the findings show important clues because carp being bottom feeders and eat differently from big sports fish.

Bohr said that carp are “low on the food chain” and “mucking around on the bottom eating insects, basically.”

De Solla believed that the mercury level in the Great Lakes will not cause any “catastrophic in the next little while.” However, if it continues to increase then “it could become a problem again.”

Mercury levels found in the fishes remains below the US Environmental Protection thresholds. Nevertheless, researchers want to establish if the reported mercury level is a temporary condition or will cause an environmental concern.

 Billions worth of fish industry possibly effected

The outcome can greatly affect Michigan’s fishing industry.  The data of The Michigan Department of Natural Resources concluded that anglers spent at least $2.4 billion in equipment and trip-related expenditure in 2011.

What Can We As Michigan Residents Do?

Get involved. Organizations like Health Great Lakes can always use support. **Also the image was from the movie starring Bruce Willis “Mercury Rising” in case you missed the tie in.


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Friday, April 14, 2017

4 Unforgettable Shipwrecks in Lake Michigan

  • Lady Elgin

5 Ship Wrecks You Need To Remember In Michigan
Lady Elgin remains as the worst open water disaster in the history of the Great Lakes. The incident happened on September 8, 1860, claimed the lives of more than 300 people.  A smaller vessel named Augusta, a 129-foot schooner rammed the 252-foot wooden steamship, Lady Elgin at a speed of 11 knots.

Witnesses account say that the second mate of Augusta spotted Lady Elgin 30 minutes before the collision. However, the schooner did change its course until it was too late. The smaller vessel managed to correct its course 10 minutes before the collision.

When Augusta collided with Lady Elgin, there was music in the forward cabin. The captain of Augusta sailed away thinking that their vessel sustained more damage than the larger vessel. But Augusta torn a big part of the Lady Elgin, the crew lowered a lifeboat but was not secured. The lifeboat just floated away before passengers could go onboard.

  • SS Carl D. Bradley

5 Unfortettable Shipwrecks in Michigan Card Bradley

SS Carl D. Bradley was the largest ship that sails the Great Lakes between the years 1927 and 1949. The 639-foot “Queen of the Lakes was an engineering spectacle as it serves as the largest and longest self-unloading freighter of its days.

The vessel used to tow limestone to the deep water ports of Lake Michigan from Lake Huron and Lake Superior. Before it sank, the Carl Bradley collided with another ship, MV White Rose along St. Clair River. The damage may have contributed to the disaster the following year.

A massive gale-force storm hit Carl Bradley on November 18 after a haul delivery in Gary, Indiana. The vessel was on its way heading north in the upper part of Lake Michigan., The freighter began cracking in to around 5:30 pm when the storm’s wind reaching 65 miles per hour and waves began to soar up to 20 feet tall.

The crew made three radio calls of Mayday but rescuers reached the freighter too late, only two survived from the 35 crewmen on board the Carl Bradley.

  • Niagara

Niagra Ship Sun in lake michigan

Records show that Niagara was the finest steamers of its era. The side-wheeled vessel was built in 1846 in Buffalo New York and serves a main transportation for both passengers and good in the Great Lakes.

However, on a tragic day of September 24, 1856, the steamship caught fire around 6:00 pm. The fire started in the engine room but the cause of the fire remains a mystery until today. One theory surfaces about the incident is that some flammable cargo may have cause the fire.

Most of the crew and passengers were able to jump from Niagara. Nearby ships later rescued the stranded people. However, 60 out of the 300 passengers died on that day and the entire ship was lost in the water.

  • L.R. DOTY

One of the most memorable shipwrecks in Lake Michigan was L.R. Dotty. The vessel was one of the last wooden steamships to set sail on the Great Lakes in 1893. Steel become the standards for newer models. The 291-foot steamer had reinforced steels and very much sturdy according to the standards.

L.R. Dotty also has a powerful and huge engine but did not have any electricity of any up to date communication apparatus.  The vessel was no match for the vicious storm on October 25, 1898. On that same day, several vessels on the lake perished including Chicago boardwalk and Milwaukee break wall. The storm claimed all the lives and cargo onboard of L.R. Dotty.  The ship was later discovered after 112 years since it sank in the bottom of Lake Michigan.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Best Beaches in Traverse City MI 2017[Local Friday Features]

Traverse City, (my favorite city in the world) lies on the shores of Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bays and is the largest city in the 21-county of Northern Michigan. If you are heading “Up North” and want to “explore some of Northern Michigan’s Best Beaches“, then make sure to read our article.

TC is the largest producer of tart cherries in the United States reportedly, however rumors swirl about the Cherry Festival bringing in cherries from Washington for the National Cherry Festival…. The festival attracts at least 500,000 tourists for a full week in July. Talk about “fudgy central”. If you dont know what the term “fudgy” means, it means you’re not a local. People visiting always seem to stop at some of the fudge shops that are scattered across TC.


French voyagers named the city after the Grand Traverse Bay as “La Grande Traverse.” It means the long crossing across the mouth of the bay. In 1839, Rev Peter Doughtery started the first permanent settlement in Traverse City.

The Best Beaches in Traverse City

Traverse City draws tourist because of its many spectacular beaches, crystal clear waters, amazing hotels and world class restaurants. To make your next vacation easier, we compiled a list of the city’s best beaches.

Traverse City State Park

Photo via Facebook

The beach is located just two miles west of downtown TC. It stretches a quarter mile of beautiful sandy beach on Grand Traverse Bay. This place also offers a great camping site with at least 300 camping wooded setting spots.It also happens to run adjacent to the Pinestead Reef resort which is one of my favorite places.

To get there, just cross a bridge across US-31, to reach the camping ground.

Bryant Park

best beaches in traverse city, bryant park.

Photo via Facebook

Ok, maybe I’m a little biased on this one. I grew up right across the street from this beach, so it will always have a special place in my heart. Located within a few minutes’ away from downtown, Bryant Park sits on the West Grand Traverse Bay.  The beach faces west, so it is always great to catch the sunsets here. Situated at the base of Old Mission Peninsula, it is also a great place for kids to play under the pine trees.

Bryant Park is super close to, Bardon’s Wonder Freeze, a mid-century shop that was my favorite place growing up to get ice cream after a baseball game at the Civic’s Center.

Clinch Park

Clinch Park Traverse City, Best Beaches In Traverse City Michigan 2017

Photo via Facebook

Popular because it’s gorgeous after just having a major facelift a few years ago, Clinch Park is a “fudgy” and local favorite.

Since its right downtown, you can head there after that shopping spree, or after indulging in some beverages or food.You can burn those calories (from dining in downtown TC’s cafes) in several activities on the beach. Clink Park offers kayaks, Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP), and canoes rentals.

Although parking is not easily accessible, except for some spots scattered across the marina,you can park along Cass Street and cross the underpass to get to Clink Park. Cass Street is located on the north side of West Grandview Parkway.

East Bay Park

East Bay Park Best Beaches in Traverse City Michigan 49685

Photo Via Facebook

East Bay Park is great to bring along your toddlers along because the beach is shallow than most of the beach in TC. Perfect for those little kids to splash and enjoy the warm water and lifeguards watch the beach during the summer.  It is located on the bottom of the East Grand Traverse. The beach also has a playground and restrooms.

West End Beach

If you want to party in TC, then the West End Beach sure top the list. It’s hard to really differentiate what is Clinch Park beach and West End Beach, because they are essentially the same spot. But the maria is what separates West End Beach from Clinch Park.

If you see people drinking beer and sporting backwards ball caps, then you are probably at West End Beach. This place offers several sand volleyball courts, an open space for Frisbees or to play catch. The beach is also buzzing with people lying along its mile-ling sweet sandy beach. The Volley ball section of the beach is populated with teens and young adults. Boaters often park their boats and “Red Neck Yacht Club” it up for days.

West End beach is literally across the street from restaurants, cafes, and shops. So, you could just grab a bite and go back to swim in no time. The beach is located west of Division Street and on the north side of Grandview Parkway.

 Power Island

Power Island Best Beaches in Traverse City Michigan To Visit

Photo Via Facebook

Now, if boating is your life, then head on to Power Island. This place offers almost everything for the adventurer. Power Island has great wooded hikes, old-school camping sites, and sandy beaches.

Also, it’s great to spend time some quality time with your loved ones since the scenic island is secluded from the busy noise of the city. The island is located 3.5 miles from Bowers Harbor on Old Mission Peninsula.

Haserot Beach

Haserot Beach Old Mission Peninsula

Photo Via Facebook

Haserot Beach is a place also known for toned down ambiance. This place will give you a quieter beach time since people rarely go here. Haserot Beach is located on Old Mission Harbor and features a playground, picnic area, boat launch and restrooms.

You need to drive a little farther from downtown TC to visit, but trust me it’s worth the drive. Kite boarders love this spot. It is located north of Traverse City about 18 miles via M-37.

North Bar Lake

North Bar Lake Beach

Photo Via Facebook

If you want to go in an off beaten path to have a pristine quiet time on the beach, then North Bar Lake is a perfect destination for you. It’s a 40-minute drive from downtown TC but the Sleeping Bear Dunes is one exceptional place to visit.

To get there you can drive via M-72 about 30 miles from downtown Traverse City. You also need a park permit to enter the beach but you can also pay once you get there.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Things To Do In Jackson Michigan [Local Friday Feature]

Jackson sits along Interstate 94 in the south-central area of Michigan.  It is located about 40 miles west of Ann Arbor and 35 miles south of Lansing. Founded in 1829, the city was named after President Andrew Jackson. It has a population of around 160,248 residents.

All year round, Jackson offers different fascinating ways to spend time with family, or just simply discover a new hobby. Lots of people know Jackson as a home of the Michigan State Prison. But there are so many other wonderful things to do, experience and remember in Jackson! Nature lovers will surely fall in love again in exciting birding activities. Jackson also caters for fun outdoor activities; whether touring art museums, Michigan’s first state prison or going about shopping, Jackson has a lot to offer.


All kinds of sports are available in 457-acre Sparks Park from basketball, baseball, playground areas for the kids to their popular paved walking trail.

The park also boasts of their 18-hole Championship Golf Course and Cascades Short Course. The famous park also adds another great pastime, the Urban Fishery which has a pier with wheelchair accessibility. One can just cast a fishing line to reel in large-mouth bass and bluegill. A large picnic gazebo provides a lot of sunshine during the summer. In winter, Cascades Park becomes a playground for kids enjoying the sledding hills.

Cascades Falls

Cascade Falls Jackson Michigan. Things to do in Jackson Michigan

Photo via Wikipedia

The man made water fall was completed in 1932 and one of the most famous landmarks in Jackson. Cascade Falls take pride in six massive fountains, three reflecting pools, and 16 waterfalls. Music creates an amazing effect when played alongside with the playful waterfalls. Often times, they have fireworks display for everyone to enjoy.

Ella Sharp Museum

Photo Via Wikipedia

Considered as a ‘gem’ in Jackson, Ella Sharp Museum exhibits wildlife art such as carvings, many different clocks and the history of Jackson. The museum opened in 1965 on a 530-acre property of Ella Merriman-Sharp. Families can enjoy sculptures, a planetarium, a log cabin and a historical Victorian mansion.

Sandhill Crane Vineyards

Things To do in jackson michigan sand hill crane jackson michigan vineyard

Image via facebook

This family owned vineyards creates their own handcrafted wines using the best local produce in their own premises. Their wines are well known for the very distinct taste of rich and complex characteristics and are made in small batches. Tourists consider the vineyard as an off beaten path destination but a great way to spend lunch in an al fresco ambiance.Livnfresh is all about the Michigan beer makers and wine makers. Check out our “Love Michigan beer section” and see if anything tickles your palette.

Falling Waters Trail

Fun things to do in jackson michigan falling waters trail

Photo Via Facebook

Falling Waters Trail links Concord, Summit and Spring Arbor townships which cross the Lime Lake. The trail brings in together dog lovers, bike enthusiasts and nature lover of all ages. The trail provides a 10-mile hike which makes it great to shed off the pounds from those wine tasting activities or simply contemplate on life. The paved trail makes it easier for children who would want to explore nature. Want to enter the next race? One of our ¼ performance zips might make your early training sessions more enjoyable, or at least you can look good while running!

Cell Block 7

Thigns To Do In Jackson Michigan. Put The Fear of God in your kids by visiting Cell Block 7.

Photo via Facebook

Cell Block 7 will give the experience of what is life behind the doors and it is “as close to prison as you can get.” The facility is not just a replica it was a real prison where the most hardened criminals in Michigan dwelt. Also, it was built beside a working penitentiary, which makes the experience even more realistic.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Not leaving Michigan for spring break? These 5 ideas will keep your family entertained with staycation activities.

With spring break on the horizon, families are beginning to plan activities that would be fun for the whole family. Children are excited to have a long-anticipated break from school while parents are looking forward to quality time with the family. However, with expensive airfare and other nuisances, more and more families are opting for a staycation as opposed to traveling far for spring break. For those who live in Michigan, here are five ideas to keep your family entertained during a staycation.

1. Make a day trip to go skiing.

Glen Arbor based homestead offers free magic carpet tickets to little ones learning how to ride

Despite the lack of mountains, Michigan still boasts plenty of impressive skiing resorts. Most people will be surprised to discover that Michigan ranks second in the nation for the amount of skiing spots found in the state. In fact, Michigan has an amazing 49 different ski areas. This is a great way to get the family out of the house for spring break without having to fly to an exotic location. Besides being fun for all ages, it can also be very reasonably priced. Regardless of where you live in Michigan, there is bound to be one ski resort within driving distance. This makes it an excellent choice for a day trip. No previous experience or investment is needed as all equipment can be rented at the resorts.

2. Indoor Paintball

Another adventurous activity that families can enjoy as they spend spring break in Michigan is indoor paintball. This fairly recent phenomena sees teams dressed up in protective gear as they they shoot small balls full of paint at opponents. While this activity is serious enough to cause bruises, it is also safe enough for families so long necessary precautions are taken. Families can enjoy the different activities and games that are incorporated into indoor paintball. Some common examples include a standard elimination match between two teams as well as the classic capture the flag game. This activity is a great option when the weather outside is not cooperating. Furthermore, this can be a great bonding experience for families.

3. Bouncy Houses

Busy Bodies Traverse City

While this activity will be geared more towards the kids, parents can release their inner child and have a blast as well. Bouncy houses have been a staple of childhood fun for generations. Having fun with this activity can be a great way to spend time with the family. While the most common method for using bouncy houses is renting, there are some business that have emerged as of recent that offer bouncy houses. Some of these business even offer a restaurant along with the bouncy houses. These places can be a great way to spend a day with the family. However, renting bouncy houses will be much easier. If the weather cooperates, families can place these funhouses in their backyard and enjoy hours of endless fun.

4. Visiting Amusement Parks

Both parents and children alike can enjoy a nice day at an amusement park. All throughout Michigan, there are several options for both amusement and water parks. There are even some indoor water parks to accommodate even the worst weather. These amusement parks include many different activities for all members of the family. For those thrill seekers in the family, many different types of roller coasters can be found. There are also more tame activities for those who enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere. These amusement parks make a great day trip for the whole family. Yep, it might be a bit cold for roller coasters and amusement parks might not quite be open depending on how cold it stays.

5. Experiencing the Outdoors

Michigan has some of the most beautiful natural parks in the United States. From dense forests with winding trails to rolling hills, the state is sprawling with beautiful nature. In fact, there are 100 natural parks that cover 250,000 acres in total. Families can pack up a tent and head out for a weekend camping trip or simply go for a day hike around their home. Regardless, the great outdoors can provide a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway for the whole family. Bicycles can also be rode on specially designed trails for yet another outdoor activity.

Although a staycation doesn’t include an exotic getaway, families don’t have to sacrifice on fun. There are plenty of activities around Michigan that offer hours of excitement. Because many of these activities only require a day, they can be added together for an unforgettable week. These are just five ideas of ways to keep your family entertained. Remember to get input from all members of family to ensure that all desires can be met. Another benefit of staying home for spring break is the sheer amount of money that can be saved. This money can be put towards a future vacation abroad or simply spent in your home state gear.


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Friday, March 17, 2017

Winter Family Fun in Northern Michigan – Avalanche Bay and Great Wolf Lodge

Traveling to Northern Michigan in the winter provides ample opportunity for fun with the family. While the weather outside is often cold and blustery, indoor activities can allow the kids to get out some of that pent up energy. When you’re looking for vacation lodging for the cold winter months, it’s best to find a resort that has plenty of things to do with your family in Northern Michigan. Indoor water parks like Avalanche Bay at Boyne Mountain and Great Wolf Lodge are the ideal way to enjoy the winter weather while vacationing in the area.

Avalanche Bay – Boyne Mountain

This water park resort located in Boyne Falls, MI, boasts of having the largest indoor water park in the state. This place is ideal for families with children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. This resort is open to guests at the lodge. Plus, they also sell wristbands to those who wish to enjoy the water park, making this an ideal place for locals to take the kids when the winter days seem long. While it’s cold and snowy outside, guests can enjoy the indoor temperature of the park which is always kept between a toasty 84 – 87 degrees. The park has lifeguards, which helps parents sit back and relax without having to worry about keeping an constant eye on the kids. The Kitz Pool area is ideal for the younger kids under 36″ in height. Older kids can enjoy the bigger slides like The Big Coulior, Super-G, and Vertigo.

Guests of the resort can take advantage of the many amenities on-site. The resort has an arcade for the kids to play in once they’ve had enough time in the water. There are several dining options at the resort, which helps to prevent the need to get into the car and drive to a restaurant when everyone gets hungry. The resort has many different packages that allow a family to stay and play without leaving the property. Some packages also have the option to add a buffet breakfast at a reduced price. The Snack Shack is located inside the water park so that the entire family can have a quick snack without having to leave the park. Another great thing about the resort is that it offers close access to some of the best skiing in the state for those who enjoy the snow.

Great Wolf Lodge

So my family and I just stayed there. So all the photos will be from our stay at the GWL. Sorry Avalanche Bay, I could not find any of my cool photos from our stay there, I blame facebook and not being able to search for my photos via keywords!

This resort, located in Traverse City, MI, has a water park that can easily occupy the entire family for several days without hearing claims of boredom of having nothing to do. The youngest ones in the family can spend time in Whooping Hollow and Cub Paw Pool, which have slides and activities for toddlers and the younger set. The older kids will have a blast on Alberta Falls and the large rafts on River Canyon Run. The entire family can float in the lazy river at Crooked Creek or soak up the warm, relaxing water in Manitoba Tubs hot springs. The indoor park area has chairs and lounging areas for parents to relax. One of the benefits of staying at Great Wolf Lodge is that the water park can only be used by guests of the resort. This helps to prevent crowding in the water park area.

Great Wolf Lodge also offers many other amenities to make for a pleasant stay. There are various children’s activities throughout the resort and these are included with each resort package. Packages vary based on the time you wish to stay at the resort but there are often seasonal specials that can be taken advantage of to provide some savings. There are several dining options at the resort, including snacks, desserts and pizza, along with an on-site Dunkin’ Donuts. Plus, there is a dining option inside the water park area so that the kids don’t have to leave the fun to get a bite to eat. The accommodations at the lodge easily suit various sizes of families with the different suites offered, some of which are themed to make that vacation extra special. Guests also have access to WiFi throughout the resort. Parents can take advantage of the fitness center, which is always open.

Indoor water parks are one of the best things to do with your family in Northern Michigan when the weather is cold. Great Wolf Lodge and Avalanche Bay are both excellent options for the family looking for a place where they can hang out and relax for the entire vacation without having to pack everyone in the car to travel around town. While the weather outside may be cold and snowy, the atmosphere inside these water parks is always warm and inviting, giving the family plenty of space to enjoy all the activities offered.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Planning A Summer Getaway to Northern Michigan? Make Sure To Check These Beaches Out

If you’re planning a trip to Northern Michigan, you’re going to need to spend some quality time at the beautiful beaches that stretch across it’s shores. Whether you’re looking forward to a relaxing picnic in the sands or a bonfire party under the night sky, Northern Michigan has beaches perfect for all your vacation needs. These are the best beaches in Northern Michigan to visit. And from the beach to the bonfire Livnfresh has the perfect Michigan Apparel to keep you cool or cozy whatever the Michigan weather throws at you. Chic tank tops to luxurious hoodies. We got you!

1. Pere Marquette Park Beach

This gorgeous beach located right in Muskegon is great if you’re looking for a beach with lots to do. The park stretches for miles along the coast and is equipped with playgrounds, volleyball fields, and picnic areas. People can often be found kayaking and windsurfing right off the shore. Although it’s bustling with people, this beach is so big that it never gets too crowded. When you’re ready to relax, enjoy an intimate view of the waters at the pier. You can even stroll over to one of the many restaurants nearby for a lakeside dinner.

2. Hoffmaster State Park Beach

Just north of Grand Haven, Hoffmaster Beach stretches for 3 miles along the coast. If you’re looking for a beach to camp at, this is the place to go. You have to reserve your spot early though because campsites get swept up quickly! With huge, wind-swept dunes, fabulous hiking trails, and majestic forests, it’s no wonder why this area is so popular. Even though it’s full of people, the campsites are hidden from traffic areas and are actually quite private. The beaches have clean sand, flat terrain, and are simply stunning.

3. Fifth Avenue Beach

This beach is located right in the town of Manistee. The views from this beach are something to marvel at. With crystal clear waters and gorgeous sands, it is a great place to be a bit of a beach bum. There is even a lighthouse with a paved walkway leading right to it. If you are in the area around the 4th of July, you can join the hundreds of others that gather on the beach to watch the fireworks. This is a family-friendly beach with a playground for the kids to enjoy. Parking is easy and the facilities are modern.

4. Point Betsie Lighthouse Beach

If your beach experience isn’t complete without some rock hunting, check out Point Betsie Beach in Frankfort. This is one of the best beaches in Northern Michigan for a day of adventures and discovery. The beach has bright blue waters and rocky areas that are fun to climb around. The lighthouse is still operating and definitely worth checking out while you’re there. Go when it’s open so that you can climb to the top and get an incredible view of the beach.

5. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Sleeping Bear is one of the best reasons to visit Northern Michigan. Take a ferry ride over to this area to see one of America’s most beautiful national parks. The dunes are huge and full of fun trails to spend a day hiking along. The beach itself stretches for 65 miles in total and is full of great lookout points. Empire Bluff Trail is one of the best beach trails on the island with easy terrain for those who want a less strenuous hike through the dunes. The beaches are clean and sparkle at sunset.

6. Clinch Park Beach

Clinch Park Beach sits right along the downtown area of Traverse City. Go here if you want an entertaining beach experience. There’s a large playground area with fountains for the kids, tons of restaurants and clubs right next to it, and fun festivals throughout the year. With a boat launch area, you can even spend a day boating around or kayaking along the shores. The waterfront recently went through some renovations and is now very clean and well-maintained. It’s a perfect place for family activities.Looking for more fun things to do in Traverse City? We got you covered.

7. Ludington State Park Beach

Ludington Beach has got to be one of the prettiest beaches in Northern Michigan. The park has great hiking trails, fishing spots, kayaking, and lots of incredible swimming areas. The beach area is huge and stretches for miles. Although popular, it never feels too crammed with people because of it’s expanse. A lot of people go out to the dune areas for hiking. There is even a river nearby that you can take a relaxing float on. The sites are well-maintained and very clean. Lots of people travel here specifically for the campgrounds.

If you enjoy scenic sunsets, water sports, camping, hiking, and all around outdoor fun, Northern Michigan beaches are made for you. A trip to any of these gorgeous sandy shores is a guaranteed memorable vacation waiting to be discovered.


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Friday, February 24, 2017

Michigan Is Awesome. We Know It- And So Should You!

University of Michigan


From beautiful scenery, mouth-watering food, bubbly locales to fabulous gems and great lakes and the most beautiful beaches, these are just some of the few things that Michigan has to offer.

If you are looking for an adventure of a lifetime or consider having a break from all the stress at work, then off you go to Michigan. The state doesn’t just offer an individual the chance to be one with nature, but it also caters different fun and exciting activities perfect for friends and family members.

The natural scenery within Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes are some of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping views you’ll see. Moreover, it is also splendid for exploring and discovering new things. It makes a real change of the mood that will leave you craving for more.

There are many indoor and outdoor adventure and adrenaline rush activities you can do in Michigan that attractions like the super cool Laser Edge and The Lost City offer. You can also visit captivating museums and indoor play for children and other different fun and thrills for you, your friends, and your whole family.

Why Visit Michigan? Because We Are Not Ohio….

Michigan comes from the French word “Mishigamaa,” meaning “large lake.” Clearly Michigan is the home of the Great Lakes. Bordering four iconic lakes, Michigan is a place for breath taking scenery.

However, there is more to Michigan than these great lakes. Michigan is also a home of other breathtaking “hidden gems” that people would love to discover when traveling. Michigan is a state that consists of two peninsulas, the upper and lower peninsula.

Way before, Michigan is already widely known as the center of the United States automotive industry. It is the home of the country’s three major automobile companies. The lower peninsula consists of services, manufacturing and high-tech industries while the upper peninsula serves as a tourist destination because of its abundance of natural resources.

Be one with Nature Without The Hippy Vibe

Dr. Caleb Halulko of River Of Life Wellness and Chiropractic Is to Credit for this photo of he and his children.

  • Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness

Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness is a good place for a hike and a feel of an outdoor excitement. It is made up of endless Lake Michigan horizon and more than 3,200 acres of tall, windswept dunes, marshland, and grassland.

Moreover, rare hemlocks and Juniper trees bring a heavenly scent all throughout. Nordhouse Dunes is a home to many animals such as deer, porcupines, coyotes, and various kinds of songbirds. It is also a home to endangered species like the piping plover and pitcher’s thistle.

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  • Headlands International Dark Sky Park

Considered as one of the nine dark sky parks in the world. The Headlands International Dark Sky Park is a six-hundred-acre parcel of land that consists of an uninhabited Lake Michigan shoreline and thick forest stretching around two miles.

Because of little light pollution in the area, you can see phenomenal starry skies. The place has been a prominent and influential place for astronomers, nature lovers, and photographers.


  • Alpena Shipwreck Tours

The Alpena Shipwreck tour is a two-hour ride in a boat through the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Moreover, the sanctuary contains a total of 50 wrecks. This place is a must-see for people who are interested in Michigan’s Great Lakes maritime history.

  • Soo Locks

You can have a Soo Lock Boat Tour that will take you through the locks between Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Also, you can touch the side of the locks as you wait for the water to rise and fall.

You can also sail next to St. Mary Rapids and watch the fishermen by the hydro-electric plants. In totality, You can’t compare this kind of experience just by standing on the sidelines.


  • Tahquamenon Falls

The Tahquamenon Falls is an enchanting waterfall found in the upper peninsula. It is the largest waterfall in Michigan and the second biggest fall east of the Mississippi. Moreover, it reaches 200 feet across and drops almost 50 feet.

  • Leila Arboretum in Battle Creek

Take a stroll around the 72 acres lush garden located in Battle Creek, Michigan. The lush garden contains around 1,700 kinds of woody plants and a total of 25,000 plants including shrubs, trees, perennial and annual plantings. It also features purple coneflowers, daisies, and daylilies.


  • Tunnel of Trees

The heritage route traveling through Harbor Springs and Cross Village is an astounding display of northern hardwoods located along the roadway. It is often referred to as “Tunnel of Trees” because the trees are located very near to the road, creating an effect of traveling through a tunnel.

This mostly used route from Harbor Springs to Cross Village displays stunning vistas and dramatic curves and turns. Moreover, it is considered a  scenic view and is also good for pictures and the like.

Indoor Thrills Sound Fun



  • Detroit Institute of Arts Museum

The Detroit Institute of Arts Museum holds remarkable, prominent, and stunning masterpieces from known painters and artists. It includes landmark treasures by Matisse, Bruegel, and Van Gogh. Moreover, the museum contains works that span thousands of years, from contemporary art to ancient civilizations.

There are also works from Mexican artists as well as powerful symbols of Detroit’s soul monuments that reflect the supremacy of art and human imagination.


  • Baker’s Keyboard Lounge

Baker’s Keyboard Lounge is known as the World’s Oldest Jazz Club. It spans an 81-year history of presenting jazz music. Its history, furnishings, decorations and cozy intimacy make it the ideal spot to feel and reminisce Detroit’s remarkable music legacy.

  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall

There is a glorious and grandiose history that surrounds the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Up until now it still continues to create inspiring, exhilarating, and heart-stopping music. The current director is Leonard Slatkin who gives an emphasis on American music.

The orchestra hall is the home of Detroit Symphony Orchestra, recognized for its legendary intimacy and acoustics, remains the best place to hear them create music.


  • Stuff To Take Home

You should never end your trip in Michigan without bringing some of these wonderful souvenirs with you:

  • Michigan Charm

This charm is a favorite souvenir in Michigan. Since every state in the union and different cities each have their charms you can purchase for anyone you know, Michigan also has its “Michigan Charm” that you can buy. This souvenir is better than those odd thimbles and other ornaments.

  • Dried Cherries from the Cherry Republic

Delicious cherries are famous around Traverse City, Michigan. It is perfect for a sweet treat and souvenir for friends and family back home. This tasty treat is a local food to bring back.

  • Postcard, Quarter and Stamp

For those who are fond of collecting postcards and stamps, this is definitely for you. Michigan gift shops and souvenir shops sell postcards which you can send to your friends back home. You can also buy one or even a set, which includes a quarter and a stamp for the state.



Visiting Michigan should now be on your to-do bucket list. You’ll have a lot to do and a lot to discover when visiting Michigan. Because of its diverse breathtaking sceneries and its exciting and enchanting museums and orchestra halls, Michigan is a place worth the stay.

Even though Michigan was primarily famous for the three automobile companies, little by little, people are now appreciating the “hidden gems” that are in the Great Lake State.

Destinations such as Tahquamenon Falls, Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness, and Headlands International Dark Sky Park are intriguing and still continually inspiring people to visit and explore other parts of Michigan that were possibly forgotten.

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